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2019 Chabre: Cinque Tasks Valide!

July 9, 2019

La 14ma edizione degli Ozone Chabre Open si è conclusa con una grande settimana di volo in un 'clima caldo'. Sono state disputate 5 tasks valide, sebbene alcune siano state fermate a causa dei temporali. Come ogni anno, c'erano tanti... Ulteriori info


July 3, 2019

Dopo aver vinto la prima tappa di Lega Spagnola in Algodonales, l'Ozone team pilot Felix Rodriguez continua a dominare la national league vincendo il secondo evento nella sua regione di casa: Castilla de La Mancha.  Ecco cosa ci riferisce:  Caudete... Ulteriori info


July 2, 2019

E' partita la 14ma edizione degli Ozone Chabre Open!  La struttura delle task, i briefings ed i de-briefings verranno diretti dall'inimitabile Jocky Sanderson. Le conoscenze e l'esperienza di Jocky nel volo di cross, nei SIV, nell'addestramento alla sicurezza, il suo... Ulteriori info


June 28, 2019

la Paragliding World Cup di Manteigas, in Portogallo si svolgerà dal 29 giugno al 6 luglio 2019. Serra da Estrela è una delle zone montuose preferite della Paragliding World Cup, che qui ha tenuto competizioni nel 2005, 2010, 2014 e... Ulteriori info

First Task of the Spanish XC open distance in Zarzacapilla. Congrats to Ozone Team pilot and day’s winner @francis.reina for his amazing 281 km flight to start the race.
Photo by @xevi.bonet
“I love these machines"
By Victor Gordillo
Glider: Rapi-Dos
"The US Open in Chelan, WA, USA opened with a 93km task. It was downwind with a short dog leg at Banks Lake and goal in the town of Wilbur. With organized climbs and long interrupted cloud streets the lead gaggle was on course and fast using the tail wind to hit speeds close to 90km/h.
Coming up on the turnpoint at Banks lake I saw a move to make and pushed hard. Coming in relatively low for the day at around 4500’ to be rewarded with a 7+ m/s climb back up to base. The cloud was dark and extended well over the lake downwind. As I left the climb on full bar I realized nobody decided to join me so I flew the last 40km by myself wondering if it was a moment of brilliance or a horrible mistake.
Only 3 or 4 climbs later I made it into goal and watched the rest of the lead gaggle come in about 8 minutes behind. My first 1000 point day and I thoroughly enjoyed the flight.
We finished the task with an average speed of 44km/h and task time of 2h04m.
Task 2 was equally exciting. With a cancelled task the day prior we had some high clouds to contend with and strong south winds ranging from 15-30km/h. With the wind direction consistently from the south, the task was set at 132km with goal only a few kilometers short of the border. The start wasn’t obvious with either Chelan Butte or the flats both viable. Challenging conditions and not much time to get established made the flats fairly risky with a few pilots landing early.
It was another day with great clouds and good climbs. With some cirrus doing some regional shading, climbs maxed out around 5m/s but the winds helped out reaching speeds over 100km/h. The course had pilots flying all different lines. Some in the mountains to the east and west and some zigzagging down the valley. Halfway down courseline a small gaggle including Donizete Lemos, Josh Cohn, Nick Greece and myself had pulled out in front flanked by some pilots further to the west off the optimized line.
Nearing goal and dealing with an increasing amount of shade, climbs became less abundant...” Photo and Text by the leader of the Chelan US Open, Owen Shoemaker @skyadventuresnorthwest
Read the full story, Hit The LINK in BIO
“Perspective shift”

By Becca Bredehoft @turquoise.sparrow
Pilot: Cade Palmer @paracade
Linzhou, China 🇨🇳 Photo by @simon_pellissier
Some freshness!⠀
Summit of Mont Blanc (4810m)...
By @antoinegirardfly ⠀
The Mantra M7 is a completely new design incorporating the latest Zeno and Enzo 3 technology in a tight, compact, 3-line package. The profile, planform, and arc are all evolved from the Zeno, and the aspect ratio is a more moderate 6.5. The M7 offer a level of agility, comfort and safety closer to the Delta series, with near-Zeno glide performance. Most importantly, it is an incredibly fun wing to fly!
For more Hit the Link in BIO.
“Last week, Pedro Bernardo in Spain hosted the British Championships. The forecast at the start of the week suggested there was a real risk of not flying all week, but after managing tasks on 4 out of 6 days of up to 100km, I managed both my first task win and overall comp win to claim the title of British Paragliding Champion!
I had my fair share of luck but I managed to finish ahead of the current world number 1, the European champ and the vice-world champ!

I’m now in Portugal ready for the the next round of the Paragliding World Cup!” Photo and text by Harry Bloxham @harry.bloxham
Congrats Harry!
“Awesome Whizzzzzzing footage from a entirely new perspective captured by @verjanfpv
Been a pleasure flying together in this incredible land. We love Norway”

@jamie_lee_speedflyer @malachitempleton
The world's toughest adventure race has come to an end.
From the 9000m of vertical ascent athletes completed in Switzerland, to the long-distance flights across the main spine of the Alps, the 2019 edition was, once again, a level up. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Maxime Pinot (France-2nd), Manuel Nübel (Germany-5th) and Gaspard Petiot (France-7th) made it to the raft in Monaco on the Ozone Zeolite @max_pinot @manuel_nuebel
Impressively, Chrigel Maurer took the overall win again. Congrats to all the athletes that participated in this amazing race. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
For more on the X-Alps: www.redbullxalps.com
Photos Courtesy of Red Bull X-Alps @redbullxalps
Antoine Girard had to withdraw from the X-Alps due to a knee injury but he can still get on the cable car, take off and fly above, X-Alps's Turnpoint 9, The Mont Blanc @antoinegirardfly
Maxime Pinot @max_pinot arrived at the final Turnpoint in Peille just after 09:30 local time morning – and officially claimed his second place in the Red Bull X-Alps 2019.
He is the second athlete to arrive at Peille, where the time for the race stops. Pinot’s official time is: 9 days, 21 hours, 52 minutes, 34 seconds. The race started at 11.30am on Sunday 16 June 2019.
Arriving in Peille he took his final steps towards the signboard, autographed it with a flourish, and then turned and faced assembled fans.
He said: ‘I feel a lot of emotions. The race was even crazier than I expected, but I’m super happy to be here, and very proud of myself and my team.’
He added: ‘For sure I will be back in two years!’
Pinot’s arrival marks the end of a gruelling final two days of hiking and flying in baking hot temperatures through the south of France. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
The French pilot will now take a well-earned rest before flying down to the raft in Monaco after 7pm this evening, where his race will finally, truly come to an end for him. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Congrats Maxime for such an amazing race!
Text: @redbullxalps
Photo @sebastianmarko/Redbull content pool


June 28, 2019

Si è conclusa la più dura gara-avventura del mondo. Dai 9000m di ascensione verticale che gli atleti hanno completato in Svizzera, fino ai lunghi voli di distanza attraverso la dorsale principale delle Alpi, ancora una volta l'edizione 2019 ha innalzato... Ulteriori info


June 18, 2019

Si è conclusa la seconda tappa della PWC 2019 in Linzhou, Cina, . Dopo sei task valide, la vittoria assoluta è andata al giovane francese Baptiste Lambert. Baptiste gareggiava con il suo Enzo 3. Per la categoria femminile, l'OZONE team pilot, Méryl... Ulteriori info

X-ALPS: 2019

June 17, 2019

La nona edizione della Red Bull X-Alps costituisce ancora una volta la più dura gara avventura del mondo.  Con partenza da Salisburgo, il percorso attraverserà le frontiere di 6 paesi con 13 Turnpoints prima di arrivare alla linea di meta... Ulteriori info


June 12, 2019

Dopo aver aperto la stagione con un impressionante volo su meta dichiarata di 162 km, i nostri amici Wayne Seely e Graham Steel, hanno segnato una nuova giornata epica. Wayne riferisce: “Abbiamo trascorso un altro grande weekend nel Cotswolds. Le... Ulteriori info