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  • New OZRP shark profile
  • Increased cell count
  • Reduced aspect ratio
  • Shark nose profile
  • Enhanced internal structure
  • EN C* / DGAC


Replacing the iconic Speedster was never going to be an easy task. After years of testing, we are pleased to announce that the Speedster 2 is now ready. This all new design retains a similar character to its predecessor, but includes technological improvements on the handling, stability, and efficiency. The Speedster 2 is a more agile and efficient wing, with even more speed for the new generation of PPG pilots. The Speedster 2 features:

  • New OZRP shark profile
  • Increased cell count
  • Reduced aspect ratio
  • Shark nose profile
  • Enhanced internal structure
  • Reduction in overall line drag
  • New 2D steering system

Combined, these features improve the performance and efficiency of the Speedster 2.

Importantly, the S2 features a faster top speed than its predecessor. The reduced line drag and optimised profile have made this new wing an incredible tool in accelerated flight. In addition to the increased speed, the Speedster 2 is more efficient, requiring less fuel and less power to maintain top speed.

The OZRP shark nose profile, along with the modified aspect ratio and optimized internal structure, has sharpened the handling, increased the inherent stability, and improved the sail cohesion – all of which means that the wing is easier and more forgiving to fly, especially in turbulent air. The fact that the aspect ratio has been reduced alongside an increase in overall performance means that the S2 is a huge step forward from the original Speedster.

The Speedster 2’s handling is great fun; it is precise, intuitive, and extremely resistant to spin when being flown in deep brakes. On the ground, the inflation characteristics have been improved – the Speedster 2 comes up quickly and evenly, especially in nil or light winds.

The Speedster 2 comes with a completely new riser system, which includes the innovative 2D TST device for improved precision in accelerated flight, multiple brake pulley positions, and extended trimmer range.

Flight tested to the EN 926.2 standard and DGAC approved, the Speedster 2 is available in four sizes: 22, 24, 26 and 28, covering a wide range of pilot weight and power unit combinations. Four standard colour schemes are available, in addition to, of course, any custom colours you can dream up using our colour generator.

Overall, we are very excited about the fact that the Speedster 2 is not only faster and more efficient, but also more comfortable and easy to use. Much has changed in paraglider design since the first Speedster was released, and we are happy to offer such a dramatic upgrade in this speedy series of wings! Cheers, from all the OZONE Team.


*This wing has passed the criteria required by the DGAC and has been load tested to the EN 926-1 standard. In addition to our own extensive testing, it has also been independently flight tested to the EN 926-2 standard without the use of the accelerator system and with the trimmers set to the slow position. Releasing the trimmers, operating the accelerator system or flying outside of the EN certified weight range invalidates any EN flight certification.

As delivered, the wing does not conform to the EN 926-2 standard due to the inclusion of the accelerator and trimmer systems on the risers.


Speedster 2 Colour Options


Your OZONE wing is delivered standard with the following accessories:

Easy Bag, Inner Bag, Riser Bag, Glider Strap, Speed Bar, OZONE Stickers, Repair Cloth, OZONE Keyring.

You may choose to add something to your order, such as: Easy Bag (stuff bag), Light Easy bag (video), Saucisse Bag (video) (concertina packing bag), Glider Backpack, or OZONE Clothing and Accessories.


Number of cells5454545454
Flat Area (m2)2224262830
Projected area (m2) 18.920.622.324.025.7
Flat Span (m)11.0811.5812.0512.5112.95
Projected Span (m)8.719.099.479.8210.17
Projected Aspect Ratio4.
Flat Aspect Ratio5.
Root Chord (m)2.542.662.762.872.97
Glider Weight (kg)
PPG (DGAC) Weight Range (kg)55-11570-13080-15095-170110-190
Load Test (5.25G)243 kg243 kg243 kg243 kg243 kg
PG (EN) Weight Range (kg)55-9070-9580-11095-125110-140
Load test (8G) 160 kg160 kg160 kg160 kg160 kg
* Flight tested to the EN 926-2 standard with the trimmers set to the slow position without the use of the foot operated accelerator.
* Weights may vary up to 50gm per size due to slight variations in the manufacturing of the fabric used.



The Speedster has been a great success and it was a challenge to improve it.
The Speedster 2 inherit from a blend of the original idea / design of the Speedster but with some of the modern features that we have used in the Roadster 2 and the new Viper 4.


  • We have added one more cell, but also reduced the AR by a small amount.
  • As a result, the slight reduction in span and the narrower cells are making the wing feels even sharper, more limpid. The sail is more together, inflation also becoming easier.
  • There is a new OZRP shark profile, offering a modern look but above all resulting in a greater stability at high speed, a better turn thanks to a higher spin resistance in deep input and a very forgiving nature in the inflation.
  • The internal structure is much more complex than in the original Speedster. A lot more works has been done, with more panels of straps and diagonals to achieve a sail that feels solid, coordinated and smooth in any conditions.
  • The lines are a little shorter to increase the agility in turn and giving the feeling to be one with the wing.
  • The overall line drag has been reduced, and combined with the new profile the efficiency has gone up significantly.