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Mantra M2

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  • Yes, it is possible: The performance has been improved without sacrificing safety!
  • Super low drag 3 line design.
  • Trademark OZONE handling: The tightest and most stable turn in the LTF 2-3 class.
  • Total comfort in flight: the M2’s carefully moderated sail tension moves through and absorbs turbulence.
  • Stability at Speed: You must fly it to believe it. The M2 is stable in accelerated flight, allowing you to use the total speed range of the glider with confidence.
  • Confidence: A smooth turn, stability at speed, and total comfort in active air means that you can fly the M2 with confidence, and focus on your goal, not your wing.
  • 90 meter reduction in total line length from the Mantra.
  • The M2 has the feel of a true LTF 2-3 wing, not a ‘de-tuned’ comp wing.

Total comfort and stability combined with performance has made the Mantra famous in less than two years. Now, the M2 is based on the comfort and stability of the Mantra, but with a new super low drag design which has greatly increased the performance.

Instead of focusing on increasing the aspect ratio of the wing and making the profile less stable in order to increase the performance, we focused on reducing line drag and making a more efficient profile so as to retain the safety and comfort we want from our highest performance serial class wing. We think that the Mantra2 is the most solid and well-rounded wing in the LTF 2-3 class. It has performance that is high enough to compete at any level, but it is the high passive safety, comfort and ease of use that puts the Mantra2 pilot ahead of the competition.

INDEPENDENT REVIEW: “Went it comes to centering those elusive cores that demand constant adjustment of the turn radius, flying the M2 is a blessing… An excellent wing for cross-country or to compete and fly in the lead gaggle of the Serial class without worries…” -Ojovolador.com Full Review Here

“Hi guys, my name is Martin, I’m 21 years old and I live in Germany. For the past 3 months I’m flying with an M2 and I’m loving it. I’m doing my first comps this year, and at the last one in Gastein in Austria I placed third in serial class with the M2. The M2 gives me always a safe feeling in all conditions, even when I’m flying at full speed. It’s the perfect wing for me.”
Martin Petz, Germany

“Speed bar: what a massive improvement over other wings I have flown! The combination of the pulleys (which are brilliant) and the thinner webbing on the risers has hugely cut friction. And it’s a lovely short travel! Love the lines and the genuine 3 riser design.”
Pat Dower, UK

You can read a review of the Mantra M2 in the May 2007 issue of Gleitschirm Magazine.

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Mantra M2 Colour Options

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You may choose to add something to your order, such as: Saucisse Bag (video) (concertina packing bag), Glider Backpack, Easy Bag (quick stuff sack), or OZONE Clothing and Accessories.

제품 사양

No of Cells 59 59 59
Area Proj. 20.95 22.66 24.8
Area Flat 24.5 26.5 29
Span Proj. 9.8 10.2 10.7
Span Flat 12.4 12.8 13.4
AR Proj. 4.6 4.6 4.6
AR Flat 6.23 6.23 6.23
Root Chord 2.49 2.59 2.71
In flight weight Range* 67.87 82-102 97-117
Glider Weight 5.5 5.8 6.1
LTF 2-3 2-3 2-3
* Weights may vary up to 50gm per size due to slight variations in the manufacturing of the fabric used.


  • Cloth:
  • Top Surface - Skytex 45 Evolution
  • Bottom surface - Skytex 40 Classic
  • Ribs - Skytex 40/45 Hard

  • Lines:
  • The Mantra’s line plan is the ideal arrangement for minimum drag. Thin lines and low-profile attachment points were chosen to minimize drag, but durability was kept in mind in order to ensure the gliders longevity and strength. The uppers are Dyneema (Lyros DC60 0.6mm) which are known for having a longer lifespan than other lines of similar diameter, and the riser lines are a new high-tech UV-treated line from from Edelrid (8000-230-UV1, 1.2mm). This coating and line diameter combination was developed by Hans Bausenwein of Germany, who has been involved with OZONE since the beginning of the company. The UV coating on these lines greatly increases their lifespan.

  • Risers and Hardware:
  • Shackles; high quality micros maillons from Maillon Rapide.
  • Riser Webbing; pre-stretched Dyneema.
  • Pulleys; Austri Alpin aliminium light weight mini pulleys with brass roller


디자이너의 노트

After the success of the original Mantra, which gained a reputation for perhaps the best handling and comfort level in the 2-3 class, our mission was to maintain the excellent feeling of the original Mantra while integrating the performance advantages that we have gained through testing of our 3-line open class competition wing, the Mantra Research.

The M2 is a true 3-line design, and is the product of prototypes we have been developing since the X-Alps in 2003. We now have a solid background working with this concept. It is a huge step forward in performance, but we feel very confident releasing it to the public. One of the keystones of the 3-line concept was the perfection of a new line arrangement and internal diagonal system, which is efficient without being heavy and complex.

Overall, the 90m less line means 33% less surface area drag.

The aspect ratio of the original Mantra was already quite high at 6.0, so we only stretched it a slight amount to 6.22. We didn’t want or need to push this aspect too far, because doing so would compromise the feeling and the safety, and is also not necessary due to the massively lower-drag line configuration. We felt that for overall feeling, comfort, and safety, it is much better and more efficient to increase performance by decreasing drag than to push the aspect ratio too far like some other existing 2-3 designs.

The M2 was designed with a completely new profile, which we chose for it’s efficiency in turbulent air and in headwind glides. This profile has allowed us to increase the overall size of the wing by 0.5m2, which improves the climb and sink rate, but at the same time we have increased the already high trim speed of the original Mantra!

The M2’s intakes have been reduced slightly in order to obtain the optimum position for performance, inflation characteristics, and re-opening behaviour.

The M2’s speed system is a completely new design as a result of the 3-line concept and is more efficient with a higher speed range in a shorter speed system distance. Furthermore, the accelerated flight test results of the M2 are excellent.


The M2 has the same amount of cells as the original. We’ve proved that there is no need to make the sail too complicated and too heavy with too many cells and internal diagonals. Simplicity remains one of the keys. We have reached the highest performance possible in the category while retaining excellent handling and good overall comfort. Like the original Mantra, the launch is excellent and the glider is smooth in pitch and stable in active air, due to its lightweight design and balanced sail-tension. The M2 is a true LTF 2-3 wing, with no exceptions!

-David Dagault, designer and test pilot.