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만트라 M7: 중요 알림

Concerning the Mantra M7.

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mantra-m7-important-notice mantra-m7-important-notice

Oxygen 2 and Oxygen 2+: Safety Notice

Concerning all Oxygen 2 and Oxygen 2+ harnesses.

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oxygen-2-oxygen-2-plus-safety-notice oxygen-2-oxygen-2-plus-safety-notice

Ozium 2 Safety Notice: October 9 2018

An issue with the reserve pod on the Ozium 2 requires action on the part of Ozium 2 harness owners. If you own an Ozium 2, please read this safety notice.

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ozium-2-safety-notice-october-9-2018 ozium-2-safety-notice-october-9-2018

Ozium 2 Harness: Safety Notice

Concerning all Ozium 2 harnesses manufactured during 2017 and early 2018.

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ozium-2-harness-safety-notice ozium-2-harness-safety-notice

Exoceat Harness: Safety Notice

Concerning all Exoceat harnesses manufactured before November 2017.

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exoceat-harness-safety-notice exoceat-harness-safety-notice

Ozium Harness: Safety Notice

This Safety Notice affects all original Ozium Harnesses (not the new Ozium 2).

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ozium-harness-safety-notice ozium-harness-safety-notice

Austrialpin 버클 안전 고지

특정 오존 하네스에 사용된 코브라 버클 제조업체에서 이 버클에 대한 안전 고지를 발표했습니다.

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austrialpin-buckles austrialpin-buckles

오스트리아알핀 풀리 안내

The manufacturer of the Cobra buckle used on certain OZONE harnesses has released a safety notice for this buckle.

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austrialpin-pulley austrialpin-pulley

Forza: Important Safety Notice

Please read this if you own or fly a Forza

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forza-important-safety-notice forza-important-safety-notice

Notice To Enzo Pilots

Please read this if you own or fly an EnZo

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notice-to-enzo-pilots notice-to-enzo-pilots

브레이크 회전이음새 와 브레이크 라인

A notice regarding brake swivels used on certain wings.

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brake-swivel-and-brake-line brake-swivel-and-brake-line

엔조: 중요한 안전 공지

Please read this if you own or fly an EnZo

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enzo-important-safety-notice enzo-important-safety-notice

초기 델타2 생산 폴리

Please read this if you ordered a Delta 2 immediately after its release.

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early-delta-2-production-pulleys early-delta-2-production-pulleys

Unsheathed Line Notice

Please read this important notice regarding our unsheathed lines on some wings.

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unsheathed-line-notice unsheathed-line-notice