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160k in the UK – To the coast!

4월 10, 2009

John Stevenson of the UK recently accomplished a dream of his and many other UK pilots: a flight of 160km from the Peak District all the way to the east coast.

It has been a good start to the season in the UK with our own Mike Cavanagh getting some respectable entries in to the UK XC League, flying in his beloved Lake District. But on Sunday April 5th, while Mike was dodging bullets as he flew around a live firing range, Ozone pilot John Stevenson (Mantra M2) was fulfilling a long-standing dream to fly to the coast. With Andy Wallis and Jean-luc Boudin, John flew 160k from Eyam Edge in the Peak District to the east coast resort of Whitby. The flight took 6 hours and was accomplished in predominantly blue conditions. John said: “It has always been a dream, but we didn’t just get to the coast, we flew up it. We finished off by getting an amazing thermal out of a rocky bay, which took us an extra few kilometres round to Whitby harbour and gave us a straight line distance of 150k”.

Congratulations John, and well done! To see his flight log, click here.

At Ozone we love to receive your stories of epic flights and dreams accomplished, so please keep sending them in.

Cheers from all the Team.