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Jomo 2



  • Totally new design, with massive performance increase
  • Best performance of EN A Hike & Fly wings
  • 28% less line drag
  • New profile, shaping, & LE design
  • Incredibly easy launch
  • Improved handling & thermalling characteristics

제품 설명

Safe & Easy Hike & Fly

The Jomo 2 is an entirely new design with the highest glide performance in its class. It is a huge improvement over its predecessor in the categories of glide, handling, passive safety, and launch characteristics. The Ozone R&D Team has used an intelligent blend of materials and clever manufacturing techniques for very low weight and pack volume, without sacrificing strength & durability.

New Technology

Based on the Mojo 6, this new wing benefits from the Ozone Performance Project and X-Alps development efforts. Line drag is a huge concern, and the Jomo 2 has an incredible 28% savings compared to the Jomo. The profile has evolved to offer more lift and less drag whilst retaining a very confidence-inspiring feel. The leading edge benefits from double 3D shaping and an innovative new intake shape to reduce vibrations and sail flutter, aiding airflow in this aerodynamically critical area.

In Flight

Low sail weight reduces inertia, making the wing more pitch stable and lighter to control. The Jomo 2 absorbs turbulence with damped yet informative feedback through the brakes and risers for a comfortable, smooth ride. Overall, the wing feels more agile compared to a standard weight design. The control range is precise & forgiving, making climbs easy. With an optimised number of cells and the new profile, the Jomo 2 is aerodynamically very clean. Reduced sail drag, optimised line layout, reduction in overall line length, and newly-shaped cell openings all combine to push performance to the top of the category with no compromise in passive safety.

The Launch

The complex design and lightweight construction gives the Jomo 2 an edge on the ground. It is easier, lighter, and smaller to carry. Its improved launch characteristics make for easy ground-handling sessions. The risers are simple and uncluttered and the wing inflates easily in all wind conditions, from zero to strong.

The Pilot

The Jomo 2 is based on the Mojo 6. It is a safe, fun, and easy wing ideal for the newly qualified, intermediate XC pilots, and even experts seeking a highly dependable lightweight wing for all types of flying; from ridge soaring and thermalling, to XC flying and beyond.

칼라 옵션

Jomo 2 Colour Options

주문 정보

OZONE has some of the shortest lead times in the industry. The current production time is approximately 73 days from order to shipping (updated daily). Contact your dealer to place your order.

패키지 용품

OZONE offers a range of backpack choices when you order your wing. To change the type of backpack that will come with your wing, please speak with your OZONE Dealer.

오존 날개 구입시 다음 액서사리가 기본으로 제공됩니다.:

62L X-Alps Backpack, Inner Bag, Glider Strap, OZONE Stickers, Repair Cloth and OZONE Keyring.

You may choose to add something to your order, such as: Saucisse Bag (video) (concertina packing bag), Easy Bag (quick stuff sack), or OZONE Clothing and Accessories.

제품 사양

셀 갯수40404040
투영 면적(m2)19.120.722.524.5
평면 면적(m2)22.424.326.428.72
투영 스판(m)8.128.478.839.2
평면 스판(m)10.4810.9211.3911.87
투영 면적 비율3.463.463.463.46
평면 면적 비율4.914.914.94.9
루트 크로드(m)2.742.862.983.11
글라이더 무게(kg)3.33.513.824
총 무게 범위(kg)60-7565-8580-10095-115


  • Top Surface Cloth: Dominico N20D / Porcher E71 27g
  • Bottom Surface Cloth: Porcher 7000 E71 27g
  • Rib cloth: Porcher E29 E91 (hard) / Dominico 32g FM
  • Upper lines: Edelrid 8000U serie
  • Mid lines: Edelrid 8000U serie
  • Lower Lines: Liros PPSL serie_DSL / Edelrid 10-200

선택 색상

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Zone 2
Zone 3



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