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The XXLite 14m

10월 31, 2013

Here at Ozone, lightweight paraglider construction has been a focus and a passion for us for more than 10 years.  When we released the XXLite, it was the first successful single-surface ultra-light paraglider, and it subsequently won the innovation prize at the Coupe Icare and has since  proven to be very popular with lightweight enthusiasts and experts all over the world.

The XXLite 14m weighs in at an incredible 1.1kg. As far as we know, it is the lightest descent wing ever designed. It is meant for serious alpinists and seasoned hike & fly pilots who are capable of managing a wing with shorter brake travel, higher trim speed, and lower flare power than the other sizes of XXLite. While this wing is truly cutting edge in terms of its extremely light and compact design, it does require a higher level of piloting than the 16m and 19m sizes.

This 14m size has been tested by the Ozone R&D Team and a select few of our team pilots over the past year, and our testing has shown that it is a solid and usable size, but does require increased awareness, skill, and judgment. If you are interested in this exciting and elite descent tool, please contact your local Ozone dealer BEFORE 11/11/2013 to place an order for our limited production run.

Cheers from all the Team.