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The Mojo 3 Has Launched

3월 10, 2009

We are excited to announce that the Mojo 3 is now launched and available for order. The Mojo 3 has passed all flight tests with EN B. The Mojo 3 is an ideal first wing, and a wing for pilots who want absolute maximum passive safety in a wing that will still have the agility and performance to fly XC, so why EN B, and not LTF 1 as it has been in the past?

The EN B certification on the Mojo 3 is the result of the ‘Sink Rate After 2 Consecutive Turns’ EN Test. In this test, if the sink rate of the wing exceeds 12m/s after 2 turns, then it will result in an EN B rating, not A. most wings with the desireable handling and agility that is needed for thermalling well, will exceed this limit and recieve an EN B. However, other categories of the Mojo 3 are EN A, a result of its extremely high passive safety and comfort in flight.

Our mission for the Mojo 3 was to increase the performance as much as possible without sacrificing any of the comfort and safety that the Mojo series has become known for.