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Rush 4


It’s the Delta 2’s little brother! We are extremely excited about this wing, and think that it represents as much of a leap forward in performance designs as the Delta 2 has proven to be. The Rush 4 has class-crushing performance, and some features which we have never before applied to the Sport-Intermediate class, including OZONE SharkNose Technology.Rush 4 Logo


Over the past three years, the SharkNose has proven to be one of the most important innovations in the sport of paragliding. The concept has now been thoroughly tested on our competition and performance XC class wings, and we feel that its arrival in the Sport-Intermediate class is an important milestone. The SharkNose profile provides vastly better behavior in performance and stability at both high and low angles of attack. In accelerated flight, the SharkNose profile is more stable, with better inflow to the cell openings and less drag at the leading edge. At slower speeds, and during intense brake inputs (for instance while coring tight thermals) the SharkNose profile is highly spin resistant, providing a longer and more progressive brake travel which the pilot can easily use to their advantage. For more info on the SharkNose design and how it works, please see here: https://www.flyozone.com/paragliders/en/learn/ozone-sharknose-technology/


At OZONE, we are obsessed with “free” performance upgrades, which come as the result of improvements in materials technology and design factors which reduce drag without compromising passive safety or comfort. The Rush 4 has benefitted from a 25% reduction in line drag compared to its predecessor, thanks to a more advanced 3-Line design.


The Delta 2’s renowned balance of performance and comfort is the result of the new SharkNose, an advanced arc, and very low line drag. The Rush 4 features all of the same modern design advantages, and our testing has shown that this is a wing that will inspire confidence in active air. We have maintained a moderate aspect ratio, which is one of the keys to comfort. On launch, the Rush 4 rises in a balanced and predictable manner, and its compact and coordinated feel must be experienced to be believed.


In much the same way that the Delta 2 put huge smiles onto the faces of our R&D Team during the final testing phases, we think the Rush 4 will more than satisfy even the most demanding pilots in the Sport-Intermediate class, and maybe even tempt some pilots from other more advanced classes, as well. Overall, it has a very similar feel to the Delta 2 in terms of handling, precision, solidity, and spin-resistance while coring lift, and our early testing has shown that its performance is unique in the class.

The Rush 4 is now in production and will be available for demo from your local OZONE dealer. We look forward to hearing what you think of this exciting new wing!

Cheers, from all the Team


The Rush4 has been certified to the new EN 926-2 2013 revision standard. All collapses were induced using the A lines/risers. Additional collapse lines mounted in front of the A lines were NOT used during the certification process, however a diagonal line was installed to help the test pilot achieve the correct asymmetric collapse proportion.

The Rush4 can be used for SIV training without any special advisories.


Rush 4 Colour Options


Your OZONE wing is delivered standard with the following accessories:

You may choose to add something to your order, such as: Saucisse Bag (video) (concertina packing bag), Glider Backpack, Easy Bag (quick stuff sack), or OZONE Clothing and Accessories.


* Weights may vary up to 50gm per size due to slight variations in the manufacturing of the fabric used.



On paper, the Rush4 is a very similar wing to its predecessor and is aimed at the same category of pilot. However in reality, the Rush4 has been redesigned from scratch, using the same recipe as the very successful Delta 2. The Rush 4 is the Delta2’s little brother.


  • New sizes: MS and ML replace the M. This gives a total of six sizes and reduces the gap between sizes.
  • A new arc. The same arc used in the Delta2 which was developed from the competition research project.
  • The AR has been marginally increased to 5.55, remaining very close to the Rush 3. We believe this gives the right balance between performance and simplicity for this level of wing.
  • The Rush 4 features SharkNose technology. The forgiving nature of the profile at low and high angles of attack sharpens the handling and gives a high level of spin resistance. This allows the pilot to make deep brake inputs when necessary to adjust the turn and bank angle as required.
  • At low angles of attack the SharkNose profile gives more solidity or collapse resistance than a ‘classic’ profile as used in the Rush 3. This improves the True Performance -making it more useable in turbulent conditions.
  • 57 cells, so an additional 6 cells compared to the Rush 3. This allows for a cleaner sail, therefore it is more efficient but it also helps us to achieve the desired feeling – a combination of precision and comfort.
  • Double Transversal Shaping gives an even cleaner LE, and Miniribs reduce drag at the TE.
  • 3 Line design, with a reduction of 25% surface drag compared to the Rush 3.