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New World and National Records…

4월 22, 2011

This recent stretch of brilliant European weather has seen the fall of a couple of XC triangle records.

Ozone Team Pilot Heli Eichholzer and his friend Christoph Eder, both flying the Mantra R10.2, have set a new World Record FAI Triangle. The pair flew 268.5 kms together, working as a team for more than 9 hours in the air!

In Heli’s words: “On Tuesday the 19th of April, we had a day with perfect weather. Christoph Eder from Mittersill and me, Helmut Eichholzer from Kuchl (both Ozone Mantra R10.2 pilots) took the chance to do a very long distance flight, which probably would not have been possible with a wing other than the Ozone Mantra R10.2.
We started together from Kreuzkogel in Sportgastein at about 10:20am. I caught up with Christoph in the beginning of the flight and from then on we flew the rest of the distance together. The route took us along the Gasteiner and Saalach Valleys to Rupolding (Germany) and further over Kitzbühl to the Zillertal.
At 16:00 we turned to fly along the whole range of the Hohe Tauern back to Sportgastein. It was an indescribable feeling to be at the same height of the Venediger, the Glockner and all the other massive and iconic peaks that we passed. Without my brand new Dynafit-down-jacket I would have been finally frozen to death at these altitiudes 😉
The cloud base was over 3.700m! The excellent thermal conditions made it possible to cross the center of the Alps from Gastein to Obervellach/Kärnten and finish the flight perfectly.
A sensational day was ended with a landing at 20:15 in winds of around 35km/h.
Christoph an I complemented and pushed each other perfectly. Together we managed the ups and downs which are quite normal on an XC flight of nearly 10h. PS: The currently standing world record in distance flying was 265,5 km by Chrigel Maurer.”

To see Heli’s massively impressive tracklog, click here:  http://www.xcontest.org/austria/fluge/fluginformationen:eichholzer/19.4.2011/08:39
Meanwhile, up in the UK, Ozone’s managing director, Mike Cavanagh, left his desk and broke the UK declared triangle record with a nice little flight of 48km with his M4. Mike’s flight can be seen here: