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Andy Campbell: Pushing the Limits

26 lipca, 2012

At the beginning of the summer, a relatively new PPG pilot named Andy Campbell contacted us looking for information on the Speedster. When we learned about what he planned to do with it, we immediately offered our support for his amazing 30,000 mile journey around the world. Andy is a paraplegic and has just begun his incredibly long trip, which will take him across Europe and Asia, through the Pacific, and then the entire length of North and South America. Not only content to simply circumnavigate the globe, Andy is crossing the longest sections of several continents, from the UK to southern China and then from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego!

Andy’s adventure includes several means of transportation, including hand-cycle, kayak, paramotor, kite buggy, and wheelchair. His route will see him across the wilds of Kazakhstan, the Gobi Desert, the Alaskan wilderness, the Mississippi River, and the interminable difficulties of the Pan-American highway. We are, simply put, very impressed.We are also very proud that Andy chose an Ozone Speedster to get him through the airborne sections of his journey, and we look forward to hearing his feedback on the wing’s performance. Andy will be flying a custom trike supplied by Parajet with his Speedster.

For more info on his truly inspirational journey, check out his blog: http://pushingthelimits.com/30000-miles/ and be sure to like him on facebook.
Cheers from all the Team, and best of luck!