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Felix Conquers Adrenalina Acro Comp

September 13, 2007

It is crucial to have the right tool for the job…
After a few months of prototyping, it looks as though Felix and the Ozone Test Team are getting close to what we want: the ultimate acro wing for experienced pilots. We’ll post more details soon about that.

For now, Congratulations Felix! It’s great to see you on top! Felix reported that it was a serious battle, with Antoine and Pal being right behind him during the entire comp. Anyone who has been following the international acro scene knows that the top pilots are all incredibly skilled, they all train full time year round, and they all take what they do very seriously. This means that at each comp, the top pilots are all struggling for position.

But the Godfather has done it again…

Cheers from all the Team!