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New Australian foot launched distance record

February 10, 2015

Che Golus sent us a note that he and Jason Turner have set a new Australian foot launch distance record (unofficial), flying the Delta 2 and Alpina 2. In Che’s words:

“I managed to set the Australian foot launched distance record (unofficial) the other day with my good friend Jason Turner. I was flying my Delta 2 and Jason was on his Alpina 2. We flew 356km from Mt Borah, Manilla, to beat Godfrey’s long standing site record and also set the Australian record. The flight was made as part of the XC Camp which I ended up winning, which was pretty cool considering I was competing against pilots flying competition gliders. What are the chances, the first flight I decide to take a beer with me in my harness and I fly 300+ and have someone to drink it with when I land!


Here are the links to our tracks:


And you can read a full account of he adventure here:


Congrats to Che and Jason from all the team!