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Big Flights in Quixada

November 12, 2014

Ozone pilots have been logging some serious distance in Brazil this year. Donizete Lemos flew 483km straight line distance on the 5th of November, on his Enzo 2.

On the 27th October a new Declared Goal Record (for UK pilots worldwide) was set by Richard Perkes & Alex Butler in Quixadà Brazil. The pair flew together to 285km, beating Matt Church’s record (flying an M4) by just 5km, also set in Quixadà, in 2012. Both pilots flew past goal to land at sunset after 9hrs45min flying. Alex landed at Lagoa de Sao Francisco 305km and Richard flew to Piripiri 318km. Both flew Mantra M6’s. Richard is sponsored by High Adventure Paragliding, and Alex by The Sick and the Wrong.