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Pal Wins Ukranian-Hungarian Open

July 24, 2014

At the 2014 Ukranian-Hungarian Open in Krushevo, Macedonia, Ozone Team Pilot, Pal Takats, took first overall. Pal reports:

“It was my first visit to Macedonia. In Krushevo the flying arena is a wide flat valley surrounded by two north-south mountain ranges on both sides. The race is going along a zig-zag course mainly over the flats. Officially there were 3 valid tasks but in fact there were 2 good days with both over 60 km tasks. I came third in the first one and first in the last. In the end, Stevan Vyparina came second with an Alpina 2 leaving around ten 2014 EN-D comp wings behind!”
Full results can be seen here.

Thanks Pal, and excellent work! Cheers from all the Team.