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X-Rockies Journey Complete!

July 1, 2014

Thomas Punty and Nelson de Freyman have just completed a rather amazing vol-biv adventure along the length of the Rockies from deep in Canada all the way to the Mexico border. Over 4 months the duo traveled only by foot, skis, and paraglider (Alpina2). We would like to wish them both a hearty congratulations for one of the longest (the longest?) and most rugged vol-biv journeys in the history of the sport.

Thomas and Nelson report:

“The X-Rockies, a 1500miles bivy flying adventure across the Rocky Mountains is coming to an end. We just hit the Mexico border in El Paso, Texas. This moment, we have been dreaming about it, we have been waiting for it a long time. When we began our journey in British Columbia on March 10th, in Canada, we really passed into the unknown for us. Flying in the Rockies for Alpine Frenchies like is is kind of a big shock, the conditions and the terrain is so different.

In bivy flying, the wing has to be very performant but also safe. The Alpina2 revealed itself as the perfect tool for this kind of trip. Fast in strong air, its solidity was a real asset when we were exhausted by long days of walking. The success of the X-Rockies is related to the gear we carried but also to these people who helped and cheered us along the way.
This is because of this universal commitment we share with all the pilots we managed to cross this immensity. We would like to thank all the people that, on the road, helped us to find the best route. For example, while our original plan was to cross Colorado. Nick Greece, Ozone team pilot, advised us a less snowy route in Utah desert.
First of all, bivy flying is about sharing more than the performance or the number of miles. We hope that, thanks to the X-Rockies, we gave other pilots the desire to go find their line with their wing  on their backs.
Cheers! Thomas & Nelson”

Be sure to visit their fb page for more photos and video: http://www.facebook.com/xrockies