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Peter Wins Serial, 3rd Overall

June 17, 2014

At the Polish and Lithuanian open, Peter Vyparina took first place serial and 3rd overall, flying his Ozone Alpina. As anyone who has flown in a national comp knows, this is not an easy thing to do. Peter reports:

“It was good level comp, we flew 4 valid tasks (optimized: 86,9km, 85,5km, 87,8km, 78,6km) with 137 pilots and more than 50 EN D gliders (more than 40 High EN D). I had no chance to fly with the lead gaggle, but i was able to  control my position (always 5th15th, 2-7 min after first pilots in goal). Primož Suša flew a really great comp, he was 95% leading in all tasks – good job!. A few pilots from the top 10 got a penalty for breaking airspace… if they had no penalty, my position in overall could be a couple spots lower, so I had a bit of luck. Alpina 2 is great wing, easy to fly, with perfect and precise handling and amazing performance on full bar. But the strongest attribute of Alpina 2 is its perfect feeling of air, which you can find only in some good EN D gliders. These things together helped me a lot to fly in front.”

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Nice work Peter, congrats!

Cheers, from all the Team.