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Having Fun Out There

June 11, 2014

Ozone pilots around the world are enjoying their new wings, on XC adventures, hike & fly missions, and in comps.

Sebastian Kummer writes to us about a weekend hike & fly mission, which took him across the crest of the Austrian Alps. Sebastian writes, “Please find attached some impressions from my XC Hike&Fly tour on the past weekend. The conditions were phenomenal which gave me and my new Alpina 2 the chance to explore the Alps North and South. It was a fantastic adventure and I am near the status “impressions-overload””. You can see Sebastian’s high-alpine tracklogs here.

Boldizsar Bajor writes to us from Hungary, to say, “I just flew across our country with my great Delta2 glider. It was an amazing 6 hours and 30 minutes. Beating my personal record, I managed to fly 198kms. The first 2 hours it was quite challenging, and I was slow, only 50kms. But then the weather became better, and what was really amazing: at 18:30 I managed to get up to 2000m to start my final glide, which was from that height. The final glide took 30 minutes in incredibly calm air, and I travelled 25kms. The glider is just the best – I cannot imagine anything better. Performance is unbelivable, handling cannot be better!” Check out Boldi’s trans-Hungarian tracklog.

And meanwhile, in Norway, comp pilots swept another podium.  Congrats to Einar, Kjell-Harald, and Rolf!

Thanks to those of you who have written in with news about your favorite flights, we love to hear about them. Cheers, from all the Team.