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Huge World Record: Thomas Walder 325km Triangle

June 9, 2014

In what could be considered one of the greatest flights of our generation, Thomas Walder has flown a 325km triangle from his hometown of Mayrhofen, Austria, with his Ozone Enzo. Tom spent over 11hrs in the air, and flew through some of the most remote and serious terrain in the Alps.

Tom’s flying career has somehow largely managed to avoid the international spotlight, but he has been one of the world’s top pilots for over a decade. A professional tandem pilot by trade, Tom flies on his working days and also his days off, and has completed some highly impressive XC flights around his home region of Zillertal, Austria. We are sure that smashing the Triangle world record from his own hometown was a very satisfying accomplishment for him!

Congratulations, Tom, from all of us at Ozone!