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Andrey and Alexey Go Big With their M4s in the Himalaya

December 12, 2012

Russian pilots Andrey Alepov and Alexey Druzhinin recently returned from the Himalaya, where they completed some nice vol-biv flights. Alexey departed on a pretty serious vol-biv fight at the end of October, crossing altitudes of over 6800m and sleeping at altitudes up to 4800m where the nighttime temps dipped down to -18C. Alexey carried most of his own food and water, and was alone for almost the entire 8 days, until he met his friend Andrey unexpectedly adn at over 5000m when they crossed paths on their own XC routes. The two continued to fly around the region on their M4s, enjoying spectacular XC flying near the Kulu valley.

Check out the video below, which is full of epic Himalayan views from high altitude thermals. (Link to video here)

Cheers from all the Team, and congrats to Andrey and Alexey, we’re so glad that you’re enjoying your M4s!