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New Wings and Things

October 12, 2012

The autumn season has been spectacularly busy for us as we work to not only ensure the arrival of several new wings in 2013, but also to get a few new products into production now. Please speak with your local Ozone dealer about any of the following products, which are currently in production:

XXLite: We started taking orders for this wing last week, and we have been very impressed by the demand for it. If you are interested in this exciting new type of glider, please read the description very carefully (here in English). We recommend that pilots with an XXLite clip-in weight of less than 90kg choose the 16m size.

Trickster: This totally new acro wing is like nothing we have every released before. It was developed from scratch and is unrelated to the previous FLX series. Feedback from pilots around the world is that the Trickster is possibly one of the easiest and most comfortable high-level acro wings around. There is more info on the Trickster page, and a good bit of chatter on the facebook fan page if you want to check that out.

2013 Extra-Large Flying Calendar: This giant (A3 size) calendar is full of our favorite photos, and contains a few stories in English, German, and French. We have only printed a limited amount so please order it while supplies last as we may not re-print them.

New Blue!: We are now stocking Porcher 27gm2 Ultraite cloth in light blue. This means that we have a new color scheme for the UL3, check it out here.