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The New M4 Gets Reviewed

August 8, 2011

Thermik Magazine has just published a review on the new Mantra M4, and have measured the performance as higher than any other wing they have yet tested.

Thermik’s test process is generally considered to be the most thorough and objective in the world, and we have confidence in the accuracy of their figures.
Flying the ML size at 103kg, Thermik measured an L/D of 10.2 at trim speed.

A few excerpts from the review, which is available in their August issue:
“For a long time, the Ozone Mantra M3 was at the top of Thermik Magazine’s glide performance chart. Nevertheless, we all were sincerely looking forward to flying its successor. Since spring 2011 the Mantra M4 has been available…

…Just like the flight data we measured, the Mantra M4 is a benchmark and its glide performance is even remarkably higher than its predecessor…

…Its handling and thermal behavior leave almost nothing to be desired. Obviously, in these times Ozone is able to combine known details of construction in a seamless manner, in order to build complete, harmonized, and effective gliders…”

For the complete review, find a copy of the latest Thermik. More info at: http://www.thermik.at/

Cheers from all the Team.