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The Delta is Coming… Soon.

March 31, 2010

We know that a lot of pilots are waiting for this wing, and waiting with a certain amount of expectation. We do hope you can be patient with us as we are quite certain it will be worth the wait. We also understand the need to get on a new wing for the season (for spring in the Northern Hemisphere) so please understand that we are doing our best to get this wing ready as soon as possible and we think that, ultimately, you will not be disappointed!

The delays have been for several reasons, but mainly due to our aim of making this a revolutionary wing in its class. We had to finish the R10 first as those development protos had a direct bearing on what we wanted for the Delta. The Vietnamese Tet holiday was, as often happens, just at the wrong time for production of protos and the weather is not playing ball. So we are closer than ever, but we still have to work to make this wing exactly how we want it. If things continue smoothly, we hope to have this wing available to order by the end of April, but we can’t promise that at this time.

What we can promise for certain is that we think that this wing will make as big a step in the LTF 2 / EN C class as the R10 has done in the Open Class. It is a big step in performance, but with excellent comfort and stability due to a very reasonable aspect ratio. Thanks to all of you who are waiting for being patient!

Some additional info from the Ozone Test and Design Team:

The Aspect Ratio is 5.85, it has 58 cells, and only 301m of lines for the M which makes for a 33% line drag reduction over the Addict 2.  We have used a new profile from the R10 developments. The Delta has shown more than outstanding performance in its category, with comfort, precision, high collapse resistance and great usability in real XC conditions thanks to our latest advancements in the development of the R10 and BBHPP.

😉 Cheers from all the Team.