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Pepe Wins in Brazil, Again

March 22, 2010

Andreas ‘Pepe’ Malecki has made a strong start to the comp season, winning the Valadares Paragliding Open with his new Mantra R10.2!

Pepe won 5 out of the 7 tasks and it was said that the R10.2 had a clear performance advantage over every other wing in the competition, although Pepe is not a stranger to winning comps in Brazil, where he stood on the podium barely one year ago for the PWC (click here).

Congratulations Pepe, from all the Team, we’re so happy to have you flying Ozone and we’re glad you like your new wing 😉

Full Valadares Open Comp results here.
The R10 is now shipping to pilots all over the world, and is available in two versions: the R10.2 (2 line version) and R10 (3 lines). For more info, contact your local Ozone Dealer or the distributor for your country.