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The Birdman of the Karakorum – DVD

September 23, 2009

John Silvester’s latest epic DVD is now available to order. In the spirit of the classic paragliding film, ‘From Nowhere to the Middle of Nowhere’, this new DVD contains some mind-blowing footage of John flying through some of the biggest mountains in the Karakorum range of Pakistan, which has become known as one of the most extreme and amazing environments on earth for paraglider pilots.

Ride along as John Silvester takes Alun Hughes for the flight of his life and enjoy some of the best footage we have seen of these massive high altitude mountains.

The 63 minute DVD contains tons of great film work plus 2 bonus features, totaling well over 2 hours of high altitude adventure flying.

Check out the excellent trailer in the Ozone Video Gallery: https://www.flyozone.com/paragliders/en/downloads/videos/_45334/
To order a copy, go to https://www.flyskyhigh.net/

If you wish to order multiple copies, please contact John directly at [email protected]