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The New Era of High Performance: The Baby HPP

June 12, 2009

In September of 2008, we gave you a sneak preview of the HPP (click here for the news piece) which, to our knowledge, is the highest performance paraglider that has ever been built and flown.

The Ozone Test and Design Team have continued to work on this project, scaling back the HPP to a less extreme version that would be more realistic to fly in true thermal conditions. After many prototypes and a lot of test flying by Luc Armant (our new fluid dynamics expert), Luc is happy to admit that the current version is a feasible XC wing.

What this means is that the Baby HPP (BBHPP) is now the highest performing Open Class wing in existence, with an incredible advantage over the highest performance Open Class wings in the world, with a glide ratio of 1.7 better than the highest performing comp wings (at about 11.7) and a top speed of 70kmh.

At the moment, we cannot divulge design and construction details, but suffice it to say that this wing uses cutting edge performance technology, several never before seen design elements, and we’ll let you know more as soon as we can. For now, in Luc’s words:

“The ‘Baby HPP’ arrived this winter, integrating HPP innovations with less extreme specifications in order to make it usable in normal conditions while retaining as much of the HPP’s performance as possible. After winning two tasks of a local competition in Gourdon, I flew more than 400km in 3 flights in strong spring conditions in the southern Alps. These three flights alone, put me in first place in the French Cross Country League. The performance and flight behavior of the wing is very promising. Pilots who saw it loved it, and pilots who flew close to it were impressed before seeing it disappear on the next glide. The craziest glides and crossings now seem possible; and no thermal seems too weak. The feel in flight is unique and surprising – it is a mix of gentleness, solidity, energy and efficiency.We won’t stop here! Much work remains to continue exploring the limits and to experiment with new innovations and adjustments in order to make the most of its potential. A second BBHPP proto is currently in progress. At the same time, we are integrating some of these innovations into the next prototypes of what will be the future Mantra R10, which will be arriving next year. Most importantly, these innovations are already finding their way into the rest of our range.  With the Mantra R09 proving to be at the top end of the current comp wing field, our drive to explore new avenues of paraglider performance with true flyability is only growing. Our goal is the overall, True Performance in all conditions.”