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Tops Without Borders – Tandems for Paraplegics

November 23, 2004

On Oct. 5th, Ozone Team Pilot Ralf Reiter and friends gave tandem flights to paraplegic passengers in Austria. The disabled passengers were taking part in an adventure week for paraplegics called `Tops Without Borders`. Besides Paragliding they also experienced White Water Rafting and Caving.

For each passenger there were two assistants, and with a bit of help and smooth take-off conditions all launches went perfectly. Ralf was even able to reverse launch without assistance.

Ralf treated his passengers to some nice tandem-acro, followed by a smooth landing.

Ralf reported that it was one of the most emotional flights of his life, and he thoroughly enjoyed it. In his words, “For paralegics flying is different than it is for us, for them it means being entirely without handicaps in the air. To make people as happy as we were able to make them was a wonderful experience for us, and made us happy also. After all, what are we truly searching for in life other than happiness?”

The tandem flights appeared on 5 different TV channels in Germany and Austria.

More info on the paraplegic adventure program at www.rehability.de