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Bob Drury plays Mother Goose!

October 27, 2004

Bob has been working on a BBC wildlife documentary with some feathered friends – bar-headed Geese. The plan is to film the migration of these wild birds from the plains of Tibet.

First he had to rear the geese so they thought he was their Mother Goose! After 6 weeks they followed him everywhere at `ground level` at his home village in the south of France. Then he showed them how to fly using a paramotor! Bob soon discovered he needed the fastest glider possible for the geese to follow him. Using the Mantra prototype he was able to keep just ahead of these fast (if a bit shaky) young birds! The director of the film is Leo Dickinson, the movie will be broadcast next year, we will let you know!

For the next few weeks Bob is back in the big mountains of India, with Ulric Jessop. This week they were delayed at the Rhotang Pass because of deep snow, but they and their old motorbikes are back on the move again, heading for Lahoul and Zanskar where the huge peaks are! Bob intends to put the new Rush to the High Altitude Test, while Ulric will be flying along side on his Vulcan.

See beside the pictures from last year trip!