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Hamish and the GEO on K2

September 19, 2005

Hamish Robertson, of Australia, recently returned from the Himalaya where he and his team attempted K2. In Hamish’s words:

Nobody summited K2 this season due to high winds and deep snow. We were at base camp from 13 June till 18 August. Two of us stayed an extra week, in the hope of another attempt. I had carried the glider up to camp 3 at 7400 meters and stashed it with my down suit and other equipment in the event a weather window presented itself. We had weather forecasts from the Norwegian team.

However, I managed to launch and made a small flight from 5700m down to 4700m. The porters were ecstatic. And I saved 2 hours of walking! The wing was beautiful, very fast at that altitude, and the 25kg pack didn’t help!

Nice work Hamish, as far as we know that is the highest that the GEO has been yet.