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The Buzz Z3 Gets Reviewed

9월 14, 2010

Although the Buzz Z3 has been flying somewhat in the shadow of the excitement surrounding the Delta and R10, it remains one of our most important wings in the range and also our favorite mid-range EN B class wing, ever. We are very proud of this wing and we believe that the comfort and ease of use that we achieved with its design is unmatched in its class.

In the end, there is only one opinion that really matters, and that’s your opinion 😉 But it’s always nice for us to hear when pilots out there agree with us and affirm what we think of the wing. Mario Arque of the Spanish magazine, Vuelo Libre, recently published a review of the Z3. Some excerpts are below:

Vuelo Libre-Parapente (Mario Arqué), September 2010:

“Think of a glider with three risers, leading edge reinforced with battens,trailing edge with small mini-ribs between main ribs, upper lines unsheathed and a smooth speed system that can reach 50 km/h… With the new Buzz Z3 all these features are joined and, besides, it is easy, confident, and smoother than any other basic glider that you know.”

“Furthermore, a solid certification and high passive safety and glide performance, it is still in the range of basic intermediates: Every maneuver was awarded EN A, except one B due to descent rate in steeply banked turns”

(Parapente magazine tested the Z3 at an L/D of 9:1 at 38 km/h)