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Announcing: The Swift

6월 16, 2009

This long awaited glider is now online with more photos and information, and will be launched on July 1. The Swift is now in production and will be shipping to Ozone distributors around the world in the next weeks.

The Swift is the culmination of several long and thorough lines of research and development by the Ozone Test and Design Team. With light technology from the Ultralite series and advanced profiling from the HPP and Mantra R projects, the Swift has only become possible through our cutting edge research on materials and design.

With l/d of 9:1, EN B certification, and the M size weighing in at just 4.05 kg, those few specs alone speak volumes about this glider. It is a wing that doesn’t fit into any one category, and at the same time isn’t for just any pilot. This is a wing for discerning and experienced intermediate (EN B / 1-2) pilots who can appreciate the advantages of a light and super agile wing that outperforms its class.

The Swift page is now online and available in English and will be translated into other languages soon. For more info on the Swift, please click here.