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Big thanks to Mike Kng

10월 12, 2004

We`ve just heard some sad news from Mike K�ng, due to his work as a DHV Test Pilot he will no longer be able to fly the glider of his choice. Mike has chosen to fly Ozone for the past 5 years but has now been told it`s time to change. The Ozone Team feel sad that politics can sometimes influence our `free-spirited` sport.

We`d like to thank Mike for flying Ozone, during which he has achieved some amazing things, here`s a reminder of just a few of them�

� Mike de-bagged his Mojo from the Zugspitz cable car in Garmisch, somersaulting out of the cable car above the Freeflight Festival crowds. A world premiere from Germany`s highest mountain.

� He has been the first (and only) pilot to cross the English Channel on a paraglider, launching from a helicopter at 5300m. The journey on his Vulcan took just 40 mins, to fly the 35km to Dover.

� Mike recently broke another World Record, jumping from an amazing 10100m, from a balloon at Lake Chiemsee. The flight down took just 25 mins on his Mojo. (Braking his previous World Record on his Octane).

� He & his team have produced several award winning films and the coverage on TV has served to reach a wider audience than just the paragliding world.

We`d like to thank Mike & Innes for their endless travels around the world which have raised the profile of our sport. We wish Mike every success and know that he will continue to inspire many pilots with his incredibly smooth acro skills. We look forward to Mike being free to enjoy flying Ozone again in the future.