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208 km on a Vibe!

octubre 6, 2004

On the 25th of July, Jean Yves Figon, living in Volvic in Auvergne) took off at Puy de la Tache in the Massif du Sancy and flew to Rogues in le Gard a distance of 208 km on his DHV 1-2 VIBE!!

He flew for 5h 20mins with an average speed of 40 km/h, although at times he had 85km/h ground speed on his GPS! As you can imagine it was quiet windy!!

Having only been paragliding for three years, Jean Yves was very happy to achieve this big flight:

“after a while and a lots of kms I was lost, over unknown flatlands, I start to be tired, and then I recognised les gorges du Tarn close to Millau, I flew with a gaggle of big Vultures! This made me feel good again and keep going! when I landed I had a big smile on my face, the owner of the field was the Mayor of the town, he couldn’t beleve it! We drunk the apperro and then he gave me a 3 hours lift to the highway where I hitch hick back home! For me it was almost frustrating af easyness! Yes,That was a very good day!”

Congratulations to Jean Yves who broke the site record and the Auvergne record with a DHV 1-2!