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The Toughest Paragliding Race in the World

julio 20, 2005

The 2nd Red Bull X-Alps is scheduled to kick off on the 1st of August. This years X-Alps will begin in Dachstein, Austria, and end in Monaco the same way it did two years ago, but with 2 more turnpoints – Zugspitze Germany, Mt Blanc france, and Mt Gros France, Monaco Goal.

In the last X-Alps race only 3 pilots out of almost 20 made goal. 2nd in goal, just hours after Kasper Henny, was our own Dav Dagault. Dav flew more of the course than anyone else in 2003, but he still walked and ran an incredible amount. Dav says that it was one of the most intense challenges he has ever taken on in his life, and he is as proud to have experienced it as we are proud of him for doing so well. Dav’s X-Alps diary can be found here- www.flyozone.com//davxalps_pt1.htm To get an idea of what the race is like, check out his well written accounts of the 1st race in 2003.

This year two Ozone pilots will be competing on lightweight Mantras – Aidan Toase of the UK and Michael Gebert of Germany. Their progress can be tracked online at www.redbullxalps.com