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Unsichtbare Routen

September 26, 2017

There are places we can venture, where there is no room for error. Hidden lines draw a route, but they must first be found. Bill Belcourt, Matt Dadam, Chris Galli, and Phillip Russman, take us for a ride over the wilderness of the Uinta Mountain Range, in Utah, USA. To experience the Uintas, stars must align. Perfect conditions, the right team, modern equipment, and real commitment came together for this team, recently:

Of their flight, Bill Belcourt says, “There is only one road that bisects the first 25% of the range and after that you are a long ways from anything. Conditions have to be perfect to fly this line and it does not get flown much (as in, almost never). The range is notorious for over-development, wind, and the plateau is so high and broad you can easily sink out at over 12,000ft (3650m). The walk out could take days… A few of us have been deep in there before, but this flight was the first time we had a posse (6 pilots, 4 on Zenos). That made it way more fun and easier to handle the depth of the range. The place is mind blowing on so many levels, and this was certainly one of the best flights of all time for us.

Chris Galli says, “The strange thing about this flight is that you can start a long XC flight by traversing across the rugged and remote mountains in Utah, and end the XC day flying across the starkness of the southern Wyoming high deserts near sunset”

We think the photos are worth a few more words. Thanks for the ride, guys, keep charging. Cheers, from all the Team