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This is our highest performance speed wing designed for pilots who seek the ultimate in speed and swoop performance. It has the widest glide performance range of any speed wing we have ever flown, and handles incredibly steep angles and flatter-trimmed flight.

8m to 15m sizes
New trim system, new profile
Higher speed across entire trim range
Better stability at low AoA
More ergonomic trim system
Improved swoop performance
Easy launch, great flare
Effective rear riser control

Check out the Rapi-Dos page for more info.


The Rapi-Dos has been in development for more than a year, and is now finally in the final stages. Team pilots Cade Palmer, Malachi Templeton, and Jamie Lee, have all signed off on the final protos and it will be entering production shortly. Here is a recent video from our team – we’ll post more news here when it’s available to order via Ozone dealers. Cheers from all the Speed Team!

ZERO 2 is now Available

The ZERO has gained a reputation for agile handling in a highly efficient platform, and the new ZERO 2 improves upon every aspect of the wing. With the patented OZONE SharkNose leading edge, a new arc inspired by the OZONE performance-project and significantly improved handling and overall performance, the ZERO 2 offers more without compromising stability and comfort.

Our mission for the ZERO 2 was to adapt the OZONE SharkNose leading edge to the design and combine it with recent breakthroughs in our performance wings. OZONE introduced the patented SharkNose technology to the paragliding world, and it has proven to be one of the most impactful developments in our sport’s modern history. Successfully adapting SharkNose technology to various wing types and planforms is complex, particularly in lower aspect ratio designs such as the ZERO series. The ZERO 2, like the LiteSpeed, has benefitted greatly from our research in this area of glider design. The ZERO 2 incorporates the same technology that powers our high performance XC and competition wings, packaged into a user-friendly, intermediate-class mini-wing.
Check out the ZERO 2 page for more info.


Our sport has grown and developed in ways that no one could have imagined just a few years ago. Everything that we love about free flight has evolved from the same roots, yet now we have the opportunity to engage in it through so many different avenues. ‘Inspired’ brings us into the lives of a few pilots – some you know, some you don’t – who have immersed themselves in the various forms of flight, personally and professionally. We visit each pilot in their home environment where they share with us their local playground, and the source of their inspiration. We vol-biv into the wild and roadless California Sierra under a 5000m cloudbase. We discover the origins of a world record holder’s life altering decision to make paragliding her sole focus. Speeding through the southern Alps provides a meditative release for one professional flier and another is intentionally homeless, circling the globe year after year. In the end we see that ‘paragliding’ is now so multi-faceted that one lifetime is barely enough to absorb all of the experiences it has to offer.
Though the ways in which these pilots express their dedication is different, their underlying passion is similar, and it is unifying. As pilots, we share something that brings us together on a deeper level. We like to think that we are all equally inspired by nature, and driven by the elements.

CREATED BY – Jorge Atramiz & Karl Steslicke

New T-Shirts and Hoodies

\Inspired by Nature, Driven by the Elements… our new T-Shirts and Hoodies feature our brand slogan. Inspired T-shirts are stylishly fit and available in both men’s and women’s cuts in multiple colours. The new Inspired Pullover Hoody has unisex slim-fit design, mid-weight material (320 g/m2 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester), brushed back sweatshirt inner for softness, rib knit on the cuffs/hem, and are available in 3 colours.

Our new Tech Zip Hoody features a Wind-Guard outer layer with soft grey fleece inner lining & rib knit on the cuffs/hem, a zipped side pocket for keys or phone and is available in either “O” screen print or small “O” embroidery.

All available now from you nearest OZONE distributor.

New Products for 2017

Each year around this time, we announce products that are launching soon. The following products will be available to order in the coming weeks / months. Stay tuned for more info!


The pinnacle of the GEO series! With pioneering OZONE SharkNose technology and all of the design features that have boosted performance in our intermediate class wings, the GEO 5 is a few grams more than its predecessor but now features performance that is in line with the rest of our XC range. With all of the solidity and confidence inherent in the BUZZ Z5, but higher agility and overall performance thanks to the lightweight conversion. Launches October 2016


The 4th generation ULTRALITE is a totally new design, now fully modernized. It features a new profile, new sail, new planform, and new rigging. The end result is more glide performance, higher top speed, and – believe it or not – even easier inflation and launch. To top it off, it’s even a few grams lighter than any previous ULTRALITE. Four sizes are planned: 19, 21, 23, 25m. Launches October 2016


The ANGEL series is growing with the addition of a square-class reserve. With lower pack volume and lighter weight, an improved sink rate, and less oscillation, the ANGEL SQ is an excellent choice for pilots who are looking for a top-level-tech parachute at a fair price.


More precise, more performance, more features, more versatility… less weight. The OZIUM 2 builds on the success of our first light-XC harness with added features and a refined geometry and adjustment system. Pilots can now also choose from a wide range of pod options allowing a customized level of durability and warmth in the air. Launching late 2016


The OXYGEN series gets a major addition. The OXYGEN 3 is a totally new design that is intended for intermediate pilots and recreational flyers who want a versatile and lightweight harness without a pod. Like the FORZA and EXOCEAT harnesses at the very top of our range, the OXYGEN 3 benefits from carefully engineered geometry. What sets this harness apart from the competition can be experienced only in the air – its precision and control are truly next level. Launching in early 2017


The ZERO has become known for ultra-compact handling and a solid, dynamic feel in the mini-wing category. The ZERO 2 features improvements across the board, including easier inflation, increased spin and stall resistance thanks to the patented OZONE SharkNose leading edge, and a refined profile. Overall, it is faster, easier to launch, and more fun to fly. Launching in late 2016


The KONA is the perfect wing in the OZONE range for beginner-intermediate PPG pilots who need a wing that excels in free-flight. Based on the BUZZ Z5, which is one of the most popular wings in our range, the KONA features cutting edge performance technology in a platform that is exceedingly comfortable under power or in free-flight. The KONA is suitable for a wide range of pilots from talented beginners to the most experienced – the principle consideration is that this wing is designed to fly under power part of the time, and in free-flight part of the time. Pilots who switch back and forth often and tend to log 30-50 free-flight hours per year will find the KONA to be ideal.


The FREERIDE is a new category of advanced PPG wing. It sits just below the VIPER 4 in our range. This wing is a powerful tool for advanced PPG pilots who want to carve slalom courses and fly aggressive freestyle lines. We’ve taken the best features of the VIPER 4 and reduced the aspect ratio and transitioned it to a 4-line design. The pioneering OZONE SharkNose profile yields next-level handling and increased performance under power. The FREERIDE risers feature the OZONE PK system and the option to install either the 2D or “Mateos” style Slalom Steering Systems.

The Annual Coupe Icare

It’s hard to believe that so many years have passed. For the 17th year in a row, the Ozone Team will be hanging out at The Coupe Icare of St Hilaire. Look for the ALIXA stand on the show map, and as always, don’t count on our booth to be a traditional display of Ozone branding. Our friend, Mathieu de Quillacq, always manages to set us up with something original and non-commercial.
This year at the Coupe we will be announcing nine new products that are freshly launched or to be released in the coming weeks / months. Stop by to talk with us about the new gear, or stay tuned for our press release that will go out on our news and facebook in the next few days.

Cheers, from all the Ozone Team.