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Ozone Team in Egypt

6 stycznia, 2022

In April 2018 was the first time when Ozone Team pilots and friends visited Egypt to fly about the Great Pyramids of Giza. 

After 3 years, in December 2021 the Team was back in Egypt for another 10 days or extraordinary adventure to fly at the Red Sea, Luxor and The Great Pyramids of Giza. 

The event was organized by Sky Sports Egypt – Ozone Power distributor in Egypt. First location to visit was the Red Sea next to new built town El Galala, where pilots flew along the sea side and visited new and still under construction paragliding take off at 850 meters asl. This place definitely has a huge potential! 

Next location was a famous Luxor – frequently called “World’s greatest open-air museum”, as the ruins of the temple complexes at Karnak and Luxor stand within the modern city. Opposite, across the River Nile, lie temples and tombs of the Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens. During 3 days pilot could fly above all those ancient monuments. 

Emilia says: “Thousands of tourists from all around the world arrive annually to visit these monuments and we had this incredible opportunity to fly above them!” 

Leah says: “The most beautiful of sights to behold.  Less well known to me I was able to fly over the city of Luxor to the temple, fly along the “Avenue of Sphinxes” to Karnak”

Johnson: “This was honestly one of my favorite moments on the Egypt tour. No pyramids, no temples, no valleys filled with archeology. Just cruising along the Nile river just off the shore next to Luxor. The morning was hazy and foggy, but if you looked for a second, you realized you are flying right next to a major city, and the architecture is nothing like where I grew up!” 

Next stop – famous The Great Pyramids of Giza, where pilots were flying during 3 days. Weather conditions were a bit windy but we could fly nearly all day long. 

Matias says “Such an amazing trip, being able to see so much from my paramotor is priceless, the Pyramids are incredible! You have no idea of the size of them until you fly above them” 

The highlight of those 3 days was definitely a night flying next to the Pyramids 

Emilia says “We are the first pilots flying at Pyramids of Giza at night. It is beyond explanation how exiting and special that feels. Seeing Cairo city lights in the background and all those giant Pyramids with lights, what a breathtaking, incredibly beautiful view” 

Thank you Sky Sports Egypt for organizing such an amazing event, all your hospitality and extra efforts to make it happen! 

Cheers from all the Ozone Team!