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October 7, 2014

The third and final event for the 2014 Slalomania League slalom competition was held in Mereville during the first week of October. Alex Mateos, flying a new proto of the Slalom, won the foot launch category and repeated his victory from last year, placing 1st overall by a big margin, even over the current European Slalom Champion, Jeremy Penon.

Fifteen tasks were flown over two days with, Alex Mateos, Jérémy Penone and Pascal Vallée consistently taking the top three places, until Pascal had a big collapse and crashed (not dangerously) and lost his 3rd place to another French top pilot, Julien Meyer.
Congratulations to Alex and all pilots from Team Ozone.

Final results Slalomania Méréville (3rd league)
1. Alex Mateos
2. Jérémy Penone
3. Julien Meyer

Overall Slalomania 2014 (after 3 events)
1. Alex Mateos (70 points)
2. Jérémy Penone (55 points)
3. Guillaume Vallance (38 points)

More info and results: ffplum