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Marie wins the French Championships!

July 17, 2022

The competition took place in Auch, France from 9 till 15 of July. 16 pilots were competing in the FP1 class (foot launch), 7 in the PL1 class (single trike), and 4 teams in the PL2 class (tandem trikes). Pilots completed 14 tasks. 

Marie Mateos took first place becoming the French Champion 2022. It is the first time when the title is held by a female pilot.

Alex Mateos reports: “It was here in Auch when in 2007 I won my first French Champions title, which I held for over 10 years till now! I am very happy that it is Marie who overtook the victory! It was a difficult competition, very tiring, we flew a lot, 14 tasks, a total of around 15 hours in the air and it was a very hot week!”

Overall results: 

Class PF1 (foot launch): 

  1. Marie Mateos (Viper 5)
  2. Alex Mateos (Viper 5)
  3. Romain Mauban

Class PL1 (single trike)

  1. Cyril Planton
  2. Fredric Mallard
  3. Michael Merle (Viper 5)

Congratulations from all the Ozone Team!

Marie Mateos
Alex Mateos, Viper 5
Alex Mateos