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Alex wins gold, silver and bronze medals in European Slalom Championships

July 30, 2014

European Slalom Championships, which took place last week 21-26 of July in Couhe, France, were the 2nd FAI category 1 slalom competition in the history of the sport.

Competitors from eight countries came together for this event.

Alex Mateos led the competition at the start, ahead of some very strong pilots, and in the end the difference between the top four pilots was incredible small, measured in hundredths of a second.

In addition to the traditional slalom elimination format, one task was run in teams, where 4 pilots from the same nation flew tasks in the form of a relay-race.

Alex won a gold medal in the relay-race together with three other French pilots, a Silver medal as a member of the French team, and a bronze medal in the overall.

Alex says: “The level was very high and it’s hard to lead all the time when only a hundredth of a second separates the top pilots – there was great flying in this event and I am happy with the results!”

EPSC 2014 Results here

Top 4 pilots flying the same task, synchronized compare: Alex Mateos (Ozone Slalom 16), Ficek Piotr (Snake 18), Jeremy Penone (Snake 18), Marcin Bernat (Snake 16) here