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Jeff Goin and Chad Bastian win at Endless Foot Drag Competition, 2014

May 31, 2014

A USPPA sanctioned paramotor competition was held during the Endless Footdrag Fly-In near Fort Smith, Arkansas. Britton Shaw hosted this fantastic event at his huge sod farm (green grass) where you can launch, land and drag your feet through the lawn for hundreds of yards.

The event brought out a great group of pilots from around the country.  Some were new to competition and others were more seasoned competitors. The Endless Footdrag Competition set the stage for many personal bests, and precision flying.

During the competition, every flight, in the effort to emphasize the importance of primary flying skills, counted the take-off and spot landing. The first flight was the Footdrag where pilots drag their feet through the slalom course for the fastest time.  The second flight challenged competitors to conquer the classic Cloverleaf around 30 foot pylons. The third flight was the bomb drop as close as possible to the center slalom stick.

The first and second flights incorporated a spot landing where you touch the spot, then fly or walk forward without letting the wing touch the ground until you kick a second cone to get the maximum score. On the final task, the motor had to be cut with enough altitude to complete a full 360 degree turn before completing a true spot landing, staying as close to the spot as possible.

Jeff Goin (Ozone Viper 18)
Chad Bastian (Ozone Slalom 16)
Ryan Shaw (Dudek Snake)

Photo by Eric Farewell