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Ozone Pilots Win Nationals in Spain and Italy

November 14, 2013

At the end of the 2013 season, two more national competitions were won in Italy and Spain by Ozone pilots.

The Andaluzian Paramotor Championship  (Slalomania and International Open) was held from October 26 – 27 in the town of Santa Cruz Cordoba, and ten pilots competed in the pro class, including the Spanish national team. The weather conditions allowed competitors to fly each day, with 7 tasks before the final runs.

2 Ozone pilots flying Slalom wings, Vicente Palmero and Javier Sierra, were the winners of the final rounds:

1st Vincent Palmero (Ozone Slalom 19, PAP THOR 200)
2nd Javier Sierra (Ozone Slalom 21, PAP THOR 200)
3rd Ramon Morillas (Niviuk, PAP Monster 185)

Vicente Palmero also defended the title of the winner in final classification (Overall Andaluzian Championships):

1st Vincent Palmero (Ozone Slalom 19, PAP THOR 200)
2nd Victor Rodriguez (Paramania GTR 20, Airfer THOR 200)
3rd Ramon Morillas (Niviuk, PAP Monster 185)

The championship was held in parallel with the concentration Paramotor Fly Santa Cruz.

The 2013 Italian championships consisted of 4 events during the 2013 season in different locations around Italy, and this was the largest year yet for Italian PPG comps. The level of the competition was also higher than years before, and during most of the events turbulent weather demanded higher than average skill to compete.

Once again, Sandro Passeri – Ozone Power Italian Team pilot, defended his Italian championship title in good style. Sandro was flying his Slalom 21 and this year Sandro had a chance to show his piloting skills he gained using Slalom 21 in free flying in a paragliding site in his home location – Monte Cucco.

Final results of Italian Championships after 4 events:

1st Sandro Passeri (Ozone Slalom 21)
2nd Francesco Arduini
3rd Walter Camozzi

Congratulations everyone, and thanks for flying Ozone!