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OZONE Piloten fliegen über der Großen Pyramide von Gizeh

Juni 4, 2018

In der letzten Aprilwoche hat Sky Sports, der OZONE Händler von Ägypten, einen Event organisiert, zu dem er 35 Piloten aus 10 Ländern (USA, Mexiko, UK, Polen, Spanien, Zypern, Deutschland, Oman, Brasilien, Bahrain, Saudi Arabien) eingeladen hat, um gemeinsam mit dem Motorgleitschirm über den Pyramiden von Gizeh zu fliegen.

Die älteste und größte der drei Pyramiden ist die Große Pyramide von Gizeh, auch bekannt als die Pyramide von Khufu oder die Cheops Pyramide. Sie ist die älteste der sieben Wunder der antiken Welt, und die einzige, die weitgehend unversehrt ist.

Trotz einiger technischer Probleme und Verzögerungen in der Logistik aufgrund eines heftigen Sturmes eine Nacht bevor der Event losging, konnten alle Piloten 6 Tage lang jeden Morgen in einer Reihe fliegen.

Emilia Plak (Polen) berichtet: “Flying near Egyptian Giza Pyramids was one of the best and “once in the life time” experience. We were taking off only 500 m from the Pyramids and we could fly just next to them! I am happy I could share it with so many of my paramotor friends from around the World”

Chad Bastian (USA) : “Thank you for the invite! This turned out to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fly somewhere extremely unique. The bonus was the group of pilots from all over the World, we have new friends and new places to visit soon! I am extremely grateful to the Egyptian authorities that allowed it, and Sky Sports and Ozone Power for putting this together. I bet it was not easy to get permission. We will never forget this!”

Andreas Kolb (Deutschland): “Sitting in the office and looking dreamily out the window… then I look at the pictures again and realize it was not a dream it was true. My eyes and opinions have opened up a little further and I hope I can keep these impressions for a long time for me. Many thanks to all the nice people I got to know, you have enriched my life with another experience”

Sofoklis Sofokleous (Zypern): “Travelling to Cairo and visiting the pyramids of Giza is an amazing experience on its own. Having the opportunity to fly over one of the 7 wonders of the world is mind blowing! The energy and the vibe of just being there, is incredible, but most importantly meeting up with so many great pilots from all over the world, made the whole journey just so much better. Thank you to Ozone and Sky Sports for such a beautiful experience.”

Ein Cheers vom gesamten OZONE Team.