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PWC St Andre 2016, and The Zeno.

September 13, 2016

Last week, the PWC family vested St Andre Les Alpes, where the 4th event of 2016 was held from September 3-10.

After two days of bad weather, the first task was set – a 79.24km Race to Goal. That was followed by a 115.2km Race to Goal which was won by Ozone Team pilot, Yassen Savov, who after tagging the second waypoint pulled ahead of the pack and led the race all the way to goal. Yassen, known as one of the fastest pilots on the planet, crossed the line almost five minutes ahead of the next pilot in goal, Luc Armant.

On day 5 a 72.25 km Race to Goal was set but was stopped before noon due to dangerous conditions on take off. Day 6 saw an exciting 102.37 km race to goal with a leading group of 7 pilots who finished within 48seconds of each other. For the last day of the event, a 60 km task was set but it was stopped before the lead gaggle tagged the 3rd waypoint, due to overdevelopment on the course.

After 3 valid tasks the Overall winner was Maxime Pinot, followed by Ozone Team, pilot Felix Rodriguez, who was still fresh off of his win at the Acro World Championships in Annecy. Felix continues to write the story of our sport not only as one of the best pilots ever but also the most consistent in competition – the older he gets, the better he flies! Maxime and Felix were flying Enzo2s.

And, quite notably, our own Luc Armant took third overall – flying the new serial class ZENO.

The women’s podium was headed by Kirsty Cameron, also flying the Enzo 2. Seiko Fukuoka was in St. Andre testing a not-yet-certified Zeno MS, and even though she was not scored in the competition she flew, as usual, incredibly well.

This is what Seiko has to say about the ZENO:

“I flew the Zeno for the first time during task 1 and I made it to goal in the top 15! At the end of the day my body was way less tired than flying my Enzo 2, the glider is more stable and I could fly most of the time at full speed even in strong conditions while other CCC gliders could not push full bar. This gave me the opportunity of outflying the rest of the comp gliders. Thermaling is easier and more efficient with The Zeno, even when I arrived late to the thermal I was able to reach the leading pilots in the climb. The Zeno light brake pressure is a big advantage to keep my energy levels during long distance flights, and my favorite things is: if i let the glider fly, it automatically takes a good line!!! 😉 After my Zeno test flights I have decided to fly this glider to chase new records!”

Seiko we are happy that you like the ZENO, and we have no doubt that it will become the favorite of many pilots.

Congrats to all the pilots and cheers from all the team at OZONE!

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