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2016 Chabre Open to feature revamped classes

February 28, 2016

The Chabre Open continues to resemble a pop concert in at least one respect, with 130 pilots registered and paid in less than 7 minutes for 2016. The Ozone Chabre Open is a friendly, stress-free cross country competition format with an emphasis on achievable tasks for pilots of intermediate levels.

The 2016 event will use a new pilot/wing classification based on glider aspect ratio. This allows the EN B class to be split – it previously would have contained everything from a Mojo to a Carrera+. The new aspect ratio class yields more prizes and we hope will be more fair. The structure will be as follows:

There will be four glider Classes: Fun, Recreation, Sport, and X-Class. In addition, a Rookie class and a Women’s class.

Fun – EN B or below and AR equal to or less than 5.2

Recreation – EN B or below and AR equal to or less than 5.7, but greater than 5.2

Sport – EN C or below and AR equal to or less than 6.3, but greater than 5.7

X-Class – EN D or below and AR greater than 6.3

We fully support this new system and are eager to hear the results and feedback from participating pilots. See you there!

Cheers, from all the Team.