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LA MAGNUM 3: no te pierdas el vídeo

December 5, 2018

La Magnum 3 está diseñada para pilotos de biplaza profesionales. Es un diseño completamente nuevo que incluye mejoras sustanciales en durabilidad, confort y facilidad de pilotaje, con enormes avances en el... Para saber más


August 15, 2018

El piloto del equipo OZONE Pal Takats ha dedicado su vida al parapente acrobático. Ha sido tres veces campeón de la Copa del Mundo y pasado casi 20 años refinando su técnica de enseñanza. Esta... Para saber más

Ya está aquí el vídeo de la RUSH 5

June 28, 2018

La Rush 5 es nuestra vela intermedia de rendimiento más reciente dentro de la categoría EN B . Ha sido desarrollada con la misma tecnología utilizada en nuestras velas de categorías superiores,... Para saber más


April 4, 2018

The Alpina 3 is based on the Delta 3, but weighs in at an incredible 1kg less! It is a fully optimised high-performance lightweight wing with a powerful feel in active air. Compared to the Delta 3,... Para saber más

“SpeedSoaring Games in the Backyard" @victorgordillozone
Gliders: Rapi-Dos
“We left our frozen 3800 m base camp behind and the air welcomed us with powerful climbs that made our bones colder and our vision clearer.
Rapidly we entered into a new realm in which the physical wasn’t part of the equation anymore, our numb hands and our turbulent thoughts were washed out by the electrons of the rising air and the vast expression of the Himalayas”

By @jorgeatramiz
Pilot: Mike Längle
Glider: Zeolite
“Stegen farm at the end of the sognefjorden. Accessible only by boat and then a walk up the cliff to an altitude of 360m, with a history of over 400 years of farming and dwelling, is well worth a visit. It’s stunning. This week @jamie_lee_speedflyer and I pulled up in Kowhai and took a look. Pretty special flight and to add to the history” @malachitempleton
The Albanian Riviera

Photo by @xhonatanislami
And it’s good! @outrageous and his new Rapi-Dos @speedfest
Republic of Macedonia 🇲🇰...
Photo by @xevi.bonet
“We Moored our yacht in a mirror lens fjord called Svaerafjorden.
So Peaceful , so much to explore .

Just a handful of houses in this picturesque valley , with its very own small hydropower setup.
After flying this beautiful flowing line we landed at a farmers small house and found an gentleman of around 80years who was concerte working & building his wall in front of his house independently.

After @malachitempleton shared some Norwegian words and we pointed out the peak we’d flown off he was all smiles and happy to have some unexpected guests drop in , showing us his project and letting us pack our wings on his verandah.

The receptions we recieve on our journeys are often reflections of our own selves . When we flow with the good energy we attract it & share it with all those around. Loved these days ...” @jamie_lee_speedflyer
Sweet tunes by friends @goodspacemusic
Track - “This songs about you”

Stay tuned for more on Jamie Lee and Malachi’s Norwegian adventures.
“Crossing Paths”

Photo by @diego.schlaeppi

Hasliberg, Switzerland 🇨🇭


October 18, 2017

Seiko Fukuoka y Charles Cazaux desean compartir sus conocimientos, y su serie de vídeos tratarán sobre gran variedad de temas, desde cómo leer el cielo y entender los movimientos del aire, hasta... Para saber más


October 13, 2017

El vuelo vivac es lo que da sentido a la vida de Benjamin Jordan. Más allá de ser sencillamente un método extremo de explorar territorios salvajes, es también un método extremo de expresión... Para saber más


October 11, 2017

No te pierdas el interesante e informativo vídeo de la nueva DELTA 3. Nuestra misión con la DELTA 3 era llevar el mando y las prestaciones de una vela de categoría Sport a nuevos niveles, e... Para saber más

Airlinks Online Academy

September 19, 2017

Seiko Fukuoka, and Charles Cazaux, present: Airlinks Online Academy. AOA is a monthly video series that was created to share Seiko and Charles’s flying knowledge with our community. Seiko’s career has... Para saber más