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June 7, 2019

Afecta a todas las sillas Oxygen 2 Oxygen 2+ Se nos ha informado de que durante una extracción estática del paracaídas no se pudo desprender el asa de extracción del velcro que la mantiene en su... Para saber más

Aviso de seguridad sobre la silla Ozium 2: 9 de octubre de 2018

October 9, 2018

Un problema con el contenedor interior del paracaídas de emergencia de las sillas Ozium 2 requiere que los propietarios de ese modelo de silla sustituyan dicho contenedor antes de volver a volar. Si... Para saber más


April 2, 2018

A todas las sillas Ozium 2 cuya fecha de fabricación sea anterior a marzo de 2018 les vendrá bien una pequeña y sencilla modificación en el conducto que guía las bandas del paracaídas de... Para saber más

Ajustar bien la silla

January 30, 2018

Como pilotos, pasamos horas y horas sentados en las sillas con las que volamos. Regular bien todos los ajustes de la silla puede hacer que vueles observando mejor, con mayor confort y seguridad, y... Para saber más

“Unplanned tour up hood after an unplanned night out with friends and family... all topped off with fresh lines on sunrise lit powder from above the lifts and a bit of speedriding through the rotary crosswinds of whiteriver gorge” @hunterjnelson

Photo by @cduey13
Santa Cruz de Tenerife
“Early flight with good views of Teide, with local pilot Toni flying his Zeno and Francis his Enzo 3”

By @xevi.bonet
A story of friendship, success and failures. Paragliding, big walls, first ascents and descents in the deep of the Pamir Alai, Kyrgyzstan. 4 friends, 3 weeks, 2 sports, 1 goal: having a lot of fun!
With @giovanni_gallizia, @filipposolaro, Giovanni della Porta, Francesco Morerio
Edit by @sdb_video
Surf is UP!
North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.
Pilot: Alex Colby @flykahana
Photo by @jorgeatramiz
“Ground spiral at the justACRO Boogie 2019 coming in fast with my Session 16” @paltakats
Photo by @rollinstoone
Location: Gerlitzen, Austria 🇦🇹
Time to fly FAST!
PWC Loma Bola, Argentina.
Photo courtesy of PWCA.org / Ulric Jessop
“Flow state - The mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeing of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.
Find your flow...” By @brandonscheid
Z E R M A T T 🇨🇭 By @northwestparagliding

Glider: Geo 5
These guys are crushin' it on their first day! Winds were strong and everyone else had gone home. High wind kiting skills are a necessity! Check out that hang time!

By our friends from @flyaboveallparagliding Santa Barbara, California
“Winter Sunset ☀️ at Le Salève 🇫🇷” By Alexandre Mulle @mulle_alexandre
The final stop of the PWC tour was in Loma Bola, Argentina. Six valid tasks were flown.
PWC’s Ruth Jessop reports: “With blue skies and very stable conditions, a 51 km final task was set zig zagging north and south up and down the Loma Bola ridge.
Initially it was a great race which brought paragliding to the people. The crowds watching on launch had a fantastic introduction to our sport as the pilots crossed launch several times, low enough for the crowds to cheer on their favorite pilots.
Unfortunately, the spread-out from a big storm cell in the mountains shut down everything just as the pilots were approaching End of Speed making goal impossible.
We’ve had a fantastic week here with great contrasts in terrain and tasks, from jungle to polo fields, in the Garden of Argentina, not to mention stunning food and wine.
A big thank you to the Argentinian Gauchos and their horses who have helped with some fairly remote retrieves making this such a great adventure”
The overall win went to Jurij Vidic  from Slovenia. In second place was French pilot Xavier Laporte followed by the Ozone team pilot, Pal Takats from Hungary. All flying Enzo 3s.
In the women’s category, it was Adel Honti (Enzo 3), from Hungary, who took the win  followed by Brazilian pilot Marcella  Uchoa (Enzo 3) in second and local pilot Shauin KAO (Zeno) in third.
Seven out of the top ten pilots flew OZONE.
For full results visit PWCA.ORG
Congrats and cheers from all the OZONE team.

Photo by @tanguy_rg

Aviso de seguridad sobre la silla Exoceat

October 20, 2017

Dirigido a todos los propietarios de una silla Exocea Por favor,lee la información que encontrarás en la pestaña Infozone y dentro de ella en los avisos de seguridad, referida a la silla Exoceat.... Para saber más


June 8, 2017

Este aviso de seguridad afecta a todas las sillas del primer modelo de Ozium (a las Ozium 2 no les afecta) Hemos observado que se ha producido un fallo durante una simulación de lanzamiento de... Para saber más

Hebillas AustriAlpin

February 18, 2016

El fabricante de las hebillas Cobra, empleadas en algunas sillas de Ozone, ha emitido un aviso de seguridad en relación a esta hebilla. AustriAlpin afirma que este problema afecta a una mínima parte... Para saber más

AVISO DE SEGURIDAD Bucles del contenedor del paracaídas de la silla Forza

January 8, 2016

AVISO IMPORTANTE DE SEGURIDAD Afecta a todas las sillas Forza fabricadas en 2015 con los números de serie: Forza-(talla)-Q-31A-(???) a Forza-(talla)-Q-49E-(???) Se han dado varios casos de rotura en los bucles... Para saber más