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June 7, 2019

Afecta a todas las sillas Oxygen 2 Oxygen 2+ Se nos ha informado de que durante una extracción estática del paracaídas no se pudo desprender el asa de extracción del velcro que la mantiene en su... Para saber más

Aviso de seguridad sobre la silla Ozium 2: 9 de octubre de 2018

October 9, 2018

Un problema con el contenedor interior del paracaídas de emergencia de las sillas Ozium 2 requiere que los propietarios de ese modelo de silla sustituyan dicho contenedor antes de volver a volar. Si... Para saber más


April 2, 2018

A todas las sillas Ozium 2 cuya fecha de fabricación sea anterior a marzo de 2018 les vendrá bien una pequeña y sencilla modificación en el conducto que guía las bandas del paracaídas de... Para saber más

Ajustar bien la silla

January 30, 2018

Como pilotos, pasamos horas y horas sentados en las sillas con las que volamos. Regular bien todos los ajustes de la silla puede hacer que vueles observando mejor, con mayor confort y seguridad, y... Para saber más

920 grams (size 100)
Designed to maximize weight volume savings
Increased stability
Improved sink rate
Rapid inflation
The Angel SQ Pro is the same proven concept of the Angel SQ, made from even lighter materials. It was developed for hike and fly adventures like the Red Bull X-Alps, and for anyone looking to save weight in their pack without compromising on safety.
The Angel SQ Pro is a top-of-the-line option for pilots who want to carry a fast-opening, stable, and safe reserve parachute that packs in a low volume, and is ultra-lightweight.
For more on The Angel SQ pro Hit the LINK in BIO
“Today started off with 95% cloud cover and not much hope of a task.

The most important part of today’s 65 km task was a concentric circle around the best thermals in the plains avoiding the cloud development in the mountains. Those arriving in the middle later had the choice to either follow those going west or do something different and go east. They had already lost out on the lead out points, so it didn’t matter that they were against the wind, going slower, not getting as many lead out points. However, going east did seem to be the fastest route. By the time 149 pilots had gone through the concentric circle, all points of the compass had been tried and we had surprisingly good conditions in the second half of the day. What should have been a straight line to ESS even ended up with different route options”

The winner of task 8 was Ferdinand Vogel (GER) followed by Jurij Vidic (SLO) in second.
Ozone Team pilot, Meryl Delferriere @meryldelferriere (FRA) not only won his fifth task in the Women’s category but also finished in third place overall.

For full results visit: http://pgworlds2019.mk/live/results/

Two more days to go, Stay tuned for more on the PG World Championship.
Report courtesy of Ruth Jessop.
In the video: in transition with Pal Takáts @paltakats to whom we wish a speedy recovery
Ozone team pilot, Francis Reina @francis.reina , aka “El Niño”, took the win at the two most recent XC comps in Spain.
His first victory was the Spanish XC Championship in Zarza Capilla, a spectacular XC site with great conditions during the event. Francis won all three days with flights of 281, 174 and 171 kms respectively.
From there, El Niño continued to choose the right lines, winning the last stop of the Spanish Championship in Arangoiti. Due to bad weather the event was relocated to Castejón de Sos for the final tasks.
Francis reports:
“The conditions in Castejón were incredible, rising to 5000 meters in the Pyrenees and flying at a very high average speed. I won the first task in Arangoiti and the third task in Castejón and in the end I took the win again!”
Francisco is now in Macedonia representing the Spanish team, together with Ozone team pilots Felixin Rodriguez @feliximbol and Xevi Bonet @xevi.bonet. They are currently in third place, but only a few points behind the leaders.
Congrats Francis and Cheers from all the Ozone Team.

Photo by @xevi.bonet
"Today the task committee has been trying to split up the supergaggle and make a more challenging task.  Success!  A 130 km task with a massive exit cylinder allowed pilots to take the mountains on either side of the valley, take the flats, or choose a combination of the above.  Stable conditions, climbs rarely over 2,000m and 30+kmh of south wind on course, made for challenging flying.  Two thirds of the pilots landed before the half way mark, and zero pilots made goal.  5 pilots flew till task closed, and as of this writing it looks like Petra Silvova won the day.  Well done Petra!  Thanks for the challenge task committee!  We are past the half way mark in the comp, and I find myself filled with joyous anticipation of 4 more tasks in this amazing place with these spectacular pilots." Report courtesy of Ozone Team pilot, Mitch Riley @mitchintheair
For full results visit: http://pgworlds2019.mk/live/results/

Photo by Xevi Bonet @xevi.bonet
“With lovely blue skies and just a few clouds when we arrived on launch, an 89 km task was set taking the pilots initially into the mountains then out into the flats. Today’s objective was to split up the gaggle.

Many of the famous faces landed in the vacuum valley of no thermals around turn point one. Once they got out in the flats there was lift everywhere, strong cores and beautiful conditions. Areas of sink just before the end of speed claimed a further 15 pilots. It was a long tough day for many.

89 pilots made goal on a day which will have changed many of the scores but left Honorin Hamard head of the overalls, Méryl Delferriere leading lady and France top team.

The average speed of the fastest pilot round the course was 37km/h, an improvement of 1 km/h on yesterday’s task”

Task 2’s winner was Tilen Ceglar (SVN) followed by Julien Wirtz (FRA) in second and Gleb Sukhotskiy (RUS) in third. All flying Enzo 3s.

For full results visit: http://pgworlds2019.mk/live/results/

Text courtesy of FAI World Paragliding Championship
Photo by Stephan Kruger @mrflycapetown

Aviso de seguridad sobre la silla Exoceat

October 20, 2017

Dirigido a todos los propietarios de una silla Exocea Por favor,lee la información que encontrarás en la pestaña Infozone y dentro de ella en los avisos de seguridad, referida a la silla Exoceat.... Para saber más


June 8, 2017

Este aviso de seguridad afecta a todas las sillas del primer modelo de Ozium (a las Ozium 2 no les afecta) Hemos observado que se ha producido un fallo durante una simulación de lanzamiento de... Para saber más

Hebillas AustriAlpin

February 18, 2016

El fabricante de las hebillas Cobra, empleadas en algunas sillas de Ozone, ha emitido un aviso de seguridad en relación a esta hebilla. AustriAlpin afirma que este problema afecta a una mínima parte... Para saber más

AVISO DE SEGURIDAD Bucles del contenedor del paracaídas de la silla Forza

January 8, 2016

AVISO IMPORTANTE DE SEGURIDAD Afecta a todas las sillas Forza fabricadas en 2015 con los números de serie: Forza-(talla)-Q-31A-(???) a Forza-(talla)-Q-49E-(???) Se han dado varios casos de rotura en los bucles... Para saber más