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Nick Greece gewinnt in Oregon

Juni 20, 2018

In Oregon, USA, haben die Applegate Open stattgefunden, und waren somit der erste Stopp der US Nationals. Unser Ozone Team Pilot und Gewinner des Events, Nick Greece, übermittelt uns seine Eindrücke vom Berg Woodrat:

“The Applegate Open just wrapped up, and I was able to hang on and finish in 1st place. This is in stark contrast to my last competition, where I literally was somehow able to spiral down to last place by the final day. A French competitor who had hurt her leg, and did not fly during the last three days, was able to pull past me in the final results.
But, if you’re not first, you’re last, and I epitomized that over last two comps. I learned, if you didn’t win this one, next is always waiting. This could be one for the record books in terms of pendulum swings by a paraglider pilot.

This maniacal real-life “choose your own adventure” is by far the craziest experience on earth. It’s a combination of extreme decision making at 1000 dpm (decisions per minute), serenity, beauty, terror, loss, intense personal satisfaction, art, practice, math, and science.

The first Applegate Open was, by all accounts, a raging success. A calmly run event with little drama, the 7-day competition replete with full-on Woodrat racing conditions! Fantastic pilots from all over the US and a few gems of foreign pilots were in attendance, including: one of the current world record holders, Brazilian Donizete Lemos, two X-alps pilots, Gavin McClurg and Mitch Riley, National Champions Michel Hammel, and US Team pilot Jared Anderson, to name a few.

A huge thanks to Ozone Paragliders for making the finest race wings on the planet, IMHO. I couldn’t be happier with the passive security and performance built in to the Enzo 3”

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Glückwünsche und ein Cheers vom gesamten OZONE Team.