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Das X-Rockies Team rockt

April 22, 2014

Thomas and Nelson’s incredible adventure through some of the biggest mountains in North America is now one-third complete. The duo have now traveled overland by skis, bikes, and paragliders, through 1000kms of the Canadian Rockies, in wintertime. Spring has sprung, and the team has just walked across the US border on foot, carrying their paragliders. In Nelson’s words:

“We have just crossed the US border on foot with our wings on our back: strange experience. Flying conditions were tough but we managed to crack three beautiful flights that will stay in our minds. They were in isolated and very hard to access take offs. Demanding conditions through and over snowy terrain. But bivy flying is going to the unknown, riding untouched places, being self-sufficient and pushing the conditions to discover new lands.

Our objective is now to hit Jackson Hole, WY to meet up with Nick Greece, our Ozone logistics contact for the southern part of the Rockies. The Alpina2 is truly a great wing for this trip. It is maneuverable in tight conditions and its speed is a real asset for us. Also, of course, it’s light. We are carrying every thing with us all the time, and our bags weigh around 15kg. nevertheless, we are making an average of 30 miles per day.

See you on our blog, updated each week with videos of our trip: www.xrockies.com