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Developed specifically for speed-flying.


The Bullet 009 comes with the Atak Harness as an option. This harness is designed by pro skiers and pro pilots specifically for the new sport of Speed Flying, with a special focus on the best configuration for transitioning from skiing to flying positions.

Other speed flying harnesses boast gimmicks and cute features, but neglect the most essential point: the body and leg position needed to effectively move from the ideal ski position to a comfortable seated flying position. For more info, go to Features.

The Atak Harness was developed specifically for speed-flying with the help of Pierre Bouiloux of SupAir. Compact, strong, and stable, the Atak harness is adjustable to be very upright for skiing, or more reclined for pilots who are more comfortable in a more typical ‘flying’ position.

Anti-friction rings on the shoulder straps allow transition from standing to sitting positions quickly and easily. The harness naturally positions the pilot in a skiing stance, so that you are never caught off-balance while speedflying.

When you transition from standing to sitting, you will be completely ‘in’ the harness, not hanging out of it. The leg straps automatically scoop you into the harness, with no struggle to sit comfortably. This also makes the harness ideal for tandem flying and dune soaring as well.